Workshops are an effective approach to coming up with solutions for problems, exploring new ways of thinking or to learn practical tips to improve performance.

Having an engaging facilitator like Derek Appau deliver these group sessions can lead to high engagement, deep insights, idea sharing and often team alignment on business decisions or solutions.

Workshops can be tailored or created for specific company/client needs.

Below are some examples.


Rising Stars

Objective — To improve productivity and results by maximising individual’s natural talents and strengths.

Overview — Research proves that Individuals gain more when they build on their talents or strengths, than when they make comparable efforts to improve their areas of weakness. This engaging programme will develop awareness about the benefits to be gained both personally and professionally as a result of adopting a strengths based approach. Participants will engage in psychometric testing with 360º feedback from colleagues to identify their main strengths and areas for development. These sessions will create an open and honest environment to deeply discuss and fully understand their unique results and the business impact in current/future roles.

Outcomes – Energised and motivated employees who have clarity on their key strengths and an action plan that empowers them to instantly.


Inclusive Managers

Objective — Develop more inclusive leaders and a more diverse workforce by raising awareness around the business case for diversity and inclusion.

Overview — The business case for a more diverse and inclusive workforce includes the ability to attract and retain the best, more creative solutions to problems, employee satisfaction and higher profits.  So with research providing evidence that these are the rewards for businesses to reap, why are so many falling short?

This engaging programme will offer a safe environment for managers to explore the business case for diversity and inclusion, the topic of unconscious bias within their specific working environment and more importantly, themselves. Managers will get to test and identify their own levels of unconscious bias, helping to raise awareness.

Outcomes – Managers who have greater awareness of unconscious biases, the business case for a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Having identified how their own unconscious biases could impact team performance and business results, they will leave the session with individual and group actions to ensure they progress towards more diverse and inclusive leaders.

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