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Karen W, Senior Account Manager

“My first session was bought for me as a present so I was a little cautious but Derek has exceeded all of my expectations and I ended up paying for two further sessions myself. I found the sessions to be not only interesting but also very insightful, inspiring and thought-provoking. He challenged me to think about my future in ways I hadn’t considered before and although I was out of my comfort zone it was never in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. I’d highly recommend him – I didn’t think I needed the sessions until I had them!”

Alec L, Entrepreneur

“My sessions with Derek have really helped me to focus my efforts towards a specific goal, this has improved my progress in just a few months. The questions Derek asked and exercises performed in the sessions allowed me to think about my business in a different way, and highlighted some mistakes I was making. Talking to my coach, I found that just saying my ideas out loud and explaining my thought process, gave a much clearer understanding of what I was trying to achieve and the steps required to get there. I would highly recommend Derek’s service to anyone”.

Tobi A, Senior Account Executive

“I found the sessions with you to be of great benefit to my personal and work endeavours. Your positive attitude and ability to make me feel at ease was paramount in allowing me to achieve short and long term goals.
I found the plans easy to implement.

You also have a unique ability steer the sessions but not over power them which I greatly appreciated. I can’t tell you how good it is to have someone that you can confide in. Also invaluable that you have experience of the industry so can relate on more levels. The sessions were amazing and told all my close friends and colleagues about it”.

Tom H, Planning Manager

“Thanks again for taking the time with me over the past few months- it has been really useful for me personally and given me a much clearer direction for the next few years. On a side note, I thought you might be interested to know it looks like we have purchased a house! One goal ticked off…”

Nicolas. H. Account Manager

“Derek has been my coach for a couple of sessions and i can highly recommend him as he helped me to improve at different levels. Derek has been very helpful for me in order to identify my weaknesses and empowered me with the right approach in order to strengthen my skills”.

Martina L. Global Business Development Director

“I didn’t know much about the benefits of coaching before I started meeting with Derek and I am now an evangelist for it! My sessions with Derek from the beginning where engaging, thought-provoking and stimulating. Derek is very easy to build a rapport with and easily helps you evaluate situations from varying angles. It was a pleasure being coached by him and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others, in fact I already have!”

Jessica M, Account Director

“I have had coaching sessions with Derek and can highly recommend him. As a newbie to coaching, Derek made me feel very relaxed and quickly helped me work on a clear plan, that I have found inspiring and helpful in achieving my goals.”

David B, Account Manager

“Having worked with Derek over the last few months I have begun to understand a real plan for personal development and build on my own attributes to fast track this. Derek has opened up ways for me to discover for myself strategies which to enable me to take the next step in my career.”

Louise K, Display Account Manager

“Thank you for the two coaching sessions we had recently.
You really helped me in clarifying and approaching my main difficulties being new to the company (and the country!)”.

Wade B, Account Director

” I have found all three meetings with him to be incredibly useful and I feel like he has genuinely helped me improve several areas of my life. If there is any opportunity in the future for this program to continue, I would very much like to be a part of it!”