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E.p 10 Dr. Eden Charles – Creating Organisations Fit…

In episode 10 I really wanted to offer my listeners someone who had turned their passion into a profession, but who also had a solid track record supporting organisations and leaders in addressing racial inequality.
My guest Dr Eden Charles has 30+ years experience which includes going beyond surface level initiatives with organisations and more towards radical changes that effectively tackles inequality systemically and holistically.

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AGreen Podcast

Making People & Businesses Better (Podcast EP.9)

Episode 9 allowed me to catch up with one of my mentors, Adrian Green, about the importance of support in our personal lives and business.  Adrian has 20 years of experience as an executive coach and trainer. He is known as a trusted advisor, supporting business leaders, HR directors, and high-value teams to lead, operate and feel better.

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Jay_Wilcox_Podcast_DerekAppau Podcast

Jay Wilcox: Making A Career In Music (Podcast EP.7)

In this episode I speak with musician, producer and creative director Jay Wilcox. Jay has built up an impressive track record and reputation for his ability to produce spectacular, yet intimate live music events. We speak about the highs and realities of the music industry, how he turned it into a career and his experiences working with musicians like Bruno Mars, Kelis and Roni Size.

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Jane_Brendgen_DerekAppau_Podcast Podcast

Why I Live, Breath & Teach Mindfulness (Podcast EP.6)

Mindfulness meditation is now becoming a key part of the process for high performers and those who prioritise their wellbeing.  This episode features mindfulness coach and teacher Jane Brendgen.  Sit comfortable and focus while Jane’s hypnotic voice reveals interesting insights, validates the benefits with science and shares how the approach became such an integral part of her life and career.

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PassionsNProfessions_Podcast_DrMarilynAllen Podcast

Dr. Marilyn Allen – Reducing Stress & Increasing Wellbeing…

Dr. Marilyn Allen is an experienced therapeutic counsellor and bio-feedback Practitioner. In this interview Dr Marilyn gives us an insight into her profession and how advances in science and technology play a big part in her holistic approach to helping her patients deal with stress, pain and trauma.

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Roxanne Hobbs_DerekAppau_Podcast Podcast

Transforming The Workplace via Inclusivity (Podcast EP.4)

Are you able to be your true self at work? Imagine the benefits to you and the business if you could.
In this episode I caught up with Roxanne Hobbs, the founder of The Hobbs Consultancy. She is on a mission to transform the workplace via inclusivity so that people can show up as themselves. Roxanne speaks openly about the challenging conversations that come up, her vision for the future and how she currently supports forward thinking organisations and leaders to create more inclusive workplace cultures.

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High Potential Graduate To Retail Property Leadership (Podcast Ep3)

Olu is passionate about the world of property and has always been very clear about his desired career path from a  young age. He joined Lidl as a high potential Graduate and following a series of promotions, is now one of Lidl’s youngest Heads of property. Olu shares interesting insights from his career journey so far and how his team have made Lidl Britain’s fastest growing supermarket! Read more “High Potential Graduate To Retail Property Leadership (Podcast Ep3)”