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Transforming The Workplace via Inclusivity (Podcast EP.4)

Are you able to be your true self at work? Imagine the benefits to you and the business if you could.
In this episode I caught up with Roxanne Hobbs, the founder of The Hobbs Consultancy. She is on a mission to transform the workplace via inclusivity so that people can show up as themselves. Roxanne speaks openly about the challenging conversations that come up, her vision for the future and how she currently supports forward thinking organisations and leaders to create more inclusive workplace cultures.

Topics discussed include:

  • Her vision for the workplace in the future
  • The business case for a more diverse and inclusive workplace and why Millenials are switching off 
  • Unconscious bias training and how she is dealing with her results (we all have biases!)
  • The lack of  uncomfortable difficult conversations taking place and why we need them if we are really wanting to change the culture (Racism, sexism, unequal pay, lack of diversity, unacceptable conduct in the workplace) 
  • Thoughts on the lack of diversity within the Advertising/Media sector and reflections after 12 years working in the industry 
  • The type of companies that she works with and other solutions offered (Training, coaching, conferences)
  • The type of leaders that are needed in the future
  • The common themes/challenges she notices from coaching senior women

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Links Mentioned:

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Bump buddies – Rox mentioned she manages her bias by being more involved and exposed to her community

Take the test here and see what your biases are so you can become conscious of them

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