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Making People & Businesses Better (Podcast EP.9)

Episode 9 allowed me to catch up with one of my mentors, Adrian Green, about the importance of support in our personal lives and business.  Adrian has 20 years of experience as an executive coach and trainer. He is known as a trusted advisor, supporting business leaders, HR directors, and high-value teams to lead, operate and feel better.

Passions N’ Professions Podcast – Ep.9

Topics discussed include:

  • How economic uncertainty (BREXIT etc), the rapid pace of change in tech and the impact he is seeing it have on business leaders and teams.

  • Personal struggles and lessons learned from starting and succeeding as a small business.

  • Naive business leaders when it comes to business acquisitions and the damage caused by them not asking for help or saying “I don’t know the answer…yet”.

  • Big egos, why we need them, power struggles and dysfunctional behaviour in the workplace.

  • Common habits of successful people and words of advice for aspiring leaders.

  • Examples of challenges his company Pressure Point frequently offer support on. Ranging from performance issues, training top talent on a budget, lack of leadership skills, redundancies to challenges faced by BAME talent.

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