Why do some athletes and business people consistently perform at elite levels and what makes underdogs overcome apparent adversity and go on to win against all odds? Finding answers to these questions have led me on a journey of research, reading and formal training. Limitless Personal Excellence is driven by my curiosity around human potential, success and well-being. I am a fully qualified Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accredited by the highest standards via the International Coach Federation and an accredited Strengthscope practitioner.

Me (Derek Appau)

Before coaching I spent over 8 years in digital advertising, planning and managing campaigns for top London media agencies such as MEC and MediaCom.  I worked alongside the likes of Facebook, Google and LinkedIn creating digital solutions that met business objectives for clients. I understand the challenges and stress of working in a field that constantly aims to stay ahead of the game, always on—24/7.  And can help you find amazing opportunities in this exciting industry.

My career in media, marketing and digital advertising sales did give me a wealth of experience and invaluable insights. But, like many I ‘found myself on platforms where my train never arrived’. Some roles I targeted allowed me to flourish, while others were much less fulfilling—often it was the end result of riding a rapidly evolving industry wave and hoping to eventually find the right fit amongst the many career opportunities available. I kept challenging, striving for a better path, until I realised it was the wrong path, for me. I re-evaluated, created my own role, and now as a coach I’m actually the product of my destiny, and love what I do.

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And now you’re here..

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